Includes #1 Deluxe VIP wash 

        Includes #1, #3, & #5 

plus a free engine compartment cleaning!

​Car           Mid size               Large 

$499            $ 579                   $729

Meticulous hand car wash, underbody rinse and  blow dry. Tar & bug removal, door jambs cleaned, wheels cleaned, tires dressed,black trim treated,windows cleaned in & out, interior dust blown out and vacuumed. ​​

        Includes #1, #2,  & #5 

plus a free engine compartment cleaning!

​Car           Mid size               Large  

$299            $ 399                   $499

​​#8. RV's , Boat's & Motorcycle service  ( Call for quote )

​​#4. Paint Restoration & Correction  

Car           Mid size          Large SUV's 

Includes #1 Deluxe wash, clay bar for stuck on surface contaminants, machine polishing & Ceramic PRO Sport paint protection. This service is ideal for new or recently detailed vehicles to maintain protection and stay looking new.  

High Quality Detailing


This service Includes a complete interior vacuum, thorough machine shampoo of all carpet,matt's & upholstery. Meticulous cleaning of all doors, dash and console, vents & headliner. You will love your car again!   

​Car           Mid size            Large SUV's 

$149            $199                    $249

Ceramic PROInterior,leather,plastic coatings available. *Ask for pricing.

​​​#5. Interior Shampoo & Detailing   

Car           Mid size          Large SUV's 


​$189              $259                $329


​​#1.Ceramic PRO VIP Washere.

Ceramic Pro Sport 12/mo Protection 

​$389               $489                   $589

Save! $85 - $135.00 when you get a Diamond or Diamond Plus package!

​​​​​​#7. Complete Detailing( Diamond Plus )

$65              $75                       $85

Add* 39.00 for Express Ceramic PRO Hydration r

This process removes Oxidation, hard water stains, scratches and paint overspray

Includes #1 and #3 plus contamination and fallout removal from clear coat. ​(Clay bar, 2-3 Machine polishing, plus paint protection with Ceramic PROSport , or move up to a 9h Ceramic PRO coating This process will restore your clear coat to its best possible condition. Your paint finish will feel like wet glass.  This process also removes 80% of all light to medium scratches.  Your car will feel & look like new again! 

​Starting at:

Car        Mid size         Large SUV's 

$500+          $700+                   $900+

Price may vary depending on condition.

​​​​#2. Express Detail 

 ​         Exterior wash & Ceramic Pro Sport

          12/mo Protection*

​​​​​​#6. Complete Detailing( Value package )

Could you use any of the following services? Ask for a free quote today!

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Car           Mid size          Large SUV's 

​​#3. Exterior Detail  (Machine polishing & Paint protection)