​Don't trust just anyone with your RV , boat or Motorcycle.  It takes practice and skill to properly shine and detail. Pismo Detailing offers you custom quotes depending on your needs. Call today! 

​​​​Polymer Sealant 6/mo protection

​$175               $205                    $235

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​​#2. Express Detail  (wash & paint protection)

Meticulous hand car wash, underbody rinse and  blow dry. Tar & bug removal, door jambs cleaned, wheels cleaned, tires dressed,black trim treated,windows cleaned in & out,complete interior dust blown out and vacuumed. 

​Car           Mid size           Large SUV's 

$65               $75                        $85

​​#5. Also available,

Includes #1 , #3 & #6

plus a free engine cleaning


​Car           Mid size          Large SUV's 

$199            $245                    $285

​​#8. RV's , Boat's & Motorcycle service  ( Call for quote )

#4. Paint Restoration  (Clay bar, 2-Machine polishing & hand applied wax)

Includes #1 Deluxe wash plus a machine polishing & choice of paint protection. This service is ideal for new or recently detailed vehicles to maintain protection and stay looking new.  

Carnauba wax 3/mo protection

​Car           Mid size          Large SUV's 

$140            $170                    $200

High Quality Detailing

​​Polymer Sealant 6/mo protection

​$134         $164                    $194

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Ceramic Pro Sport 6+/mo Protection 

​$199        $229                $259


Ceramic Pro VIP Wash  *Must have CP Coating

$35              $45                       $55r

This service Includes a complete interior vacuum, thorough machine shampoo of all carpet,matt's & upholstery. Meticulous cleaning of all doors, dash and console, vents & headliner. You will love your car again!   

​Car           Mid size            Large SUV's 

$119            $139                    $159

Oxidation, hard water, overspray and scratch removal by estimate.re.

#3. Exterior Detail  (Machine polishing & hand applied wax)

Includes #1 Deluxe wash plus your choice of  Paint Protection. 

Carnauba wax 3/mo protection

Car        Mid size          Large SUV's 

$99            $129                    $159

Ceramic Pro Sport 6+/mo Protection 

​$240          $270                   $300

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Includes #1 and #3 plus contamination and rust removal from clear coat. This process will restore your clear coat to it;s best possible condition. Your paint finish will feel like wet glass.  This process also removes 80% of all light to medium scratches.  Your car will feel & look like new again! 

​Starting at:

Car        Mid size         Large SUV's 

$400          $600                   $700

Could you use any of the following services? Ask for a free quote today!

​​​#6. Interior Shampoo & Detailing   


​​​#7. Complete Detailing( Value package )

#1. Deluxe Wash  ( Best wash in town! )here.