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Windshield Chip Repair

​​​Windshield Chip Repair

​If you have a chip in your windshield caused by a rock from the road and have full insurance coverage, you may be eligible for a free windshield repair.

 Most insurance companies will cover the cost of windshield repair because it saves them money. As an incentive to repair, rather than replacing your windshield, they will waive the cost of your deductible.

This is a service you may already be paying for but not know about. If you are unsure of your insurance company's policy, contact your insurance company today and ask if they will reimburse your cost for this repair.




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Pismo Detailing has trained experts in the area of windshield repair. In fact, for your convenience you can have your windshield repair done while your car is being detailed. We’re here to help, but a repair may not be the right solution for everyone. You know you’re eligible for a repair when:

*  The damage can fit under a quarter
*  You have four chips or less
*  The damage is not on the edge of the windshield

Why Repair a Windshield Crack?

There are a few good reasons to stop putting off that windshield repair you know you need.

1. Windshield chip repairs are affordable.

Depending on your insurance coverage, a car windshield repair may be no cost to you. Most repairs are 45.00 for the first chip then 20 for each additional chip on the same car.

2. Small windshield chips can turn into large cracks – requiring full replacements.

Your windshield damage can grow and require a full windshield replacement, which is likely to cost more. 

3. Repairing windshield damage is quick.

In most cases, the repair can be completed in as little as 30-60 minutes.

4. Pismo Detailing only uses the highest-quality materials.

Your technician will inject our high quality resin into the chip, which is then carefully cured and polished.

5. Windshield repairs are backed by our warranty. 

All our repairs are guaranteed not to crack further or you get your money back.

6. The sooner you have a chip repaired the clearer the repair will be.


A quick windshield repair from Pismo Detailing is easy and stress-free. Simply schedule your appointment and we’ll do the rest. Schedule your appointment today by calling 805.773.6771

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Have your chip repaired while your car is being detailed.

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